What’s behind the “High Caliber” name? It’s simple! It means; Of a High Standard, Highly Capable, Very skilled and Experienced. I decided after almost twenty years in the Management of Automotive Dealerships that the only way l could provide a Car buying experience worthy of the High Caliber name was to open my own Dealership. And, High Caliber Auto SaIes & Service was born. Some dealerships promote Mission Statements that are nothing more than Words. At High Caliber Auto SaIes, we promote a culture. A culture of excellence and professionalism you won′t likely find in most Automotive dealerships. For too many years l have heard the same excuse… “This is how we’ve always done it’’ or “It’s just the car business” but, at High Caliber, it’s not the same old car business. It′s a culture that our name demands….

“We aim for EXCELLENCE and we don′t miss”

– Rob Smith